Introducing Luke Crump

Hi everyone!  I just had to let you know about this fine young artist, Luke Crump! I had the pleasure of being introduced to him a few weeks back and had an immediate love for his artwork. There’s something quite special when you get to see how Luke builds up his creations, all digitally hand drawn, with a rather unique style that seems to somehow capture that perfect momentary emotion combined with a strong feeling of texture all wrapped up in a very contemporary fashion.  It’s amazing to see such great work from such a young talent, all on our doorstep in Ellesmere!  I don’t doubt that Luke will become a recognised modern artist of his time and we are extremely proud to be able to work with him.

The best bit about seeing Luke’s work right now is how brilliantly unique it is at the beginning of a bright career, and you can be a part of it by supporting him; whether it be through spreading the word about his art or supporting him by purchasing some of his work.  Luke even takes private commissions to create you a unique piece of artwork just for you.  For sure his artwork will grow in value as he becomes more and more known and we here at Print It Jon want to wish him all the best going forward!  Watch out Doug Hyde I think you might have a challenger 😉

Some of Luke Crump’s work is on our Wall Of Art, but you can visit his website ( to see some more of his work, and he often gives insights into the different stages of his workflow on his facebook page too – definitely worth read and more importantly a like or share.